Where smoking guns, winged horses, and chocolate chasing maidens rule.

Step into the home of The Flying Burrito Brothers, a blissful homage to the dining style of Mexico. The Flying Burrito Brothers was born in 2002 and raised to stake the true Mexican dining experience here in New Zealand. Our food stays fresh and locally sourced. Our Cantina ensembles cater to tastes of subtle, textured and hot, while our Latin drinks complete a well-stacked Tequileria.


Enjoy the delicate to heated spices, mixed with big-hearted and fresh proportioned dishes. By taking a local hand to the staple Mexican ingredients such as chilies, epazote, chocolate, tomatoes, cilantro, and avocados paired up with locally produced meats and vegetables we explore the sharp, refreshing tastes in Mexican dining.


If you’ve never experienced a ‘flight’ Tequila tasting session, then amigo, you must! Our Tequileria houses one of the largest nationwide collections. Let us introduce the subtle flavours that run through genuinely good Tequila. If you prefer Mexican sans Tequila, sample our selection of South American, Spanish, and local wines. Those fruity, herbaceous crisp flavours pair well with our extroverted Mexican spices.
The Mexican food and drinking culture has gained national appeal, which has given our thriving restaurant the chance to become successfully franchised.

DINE Wildly Fresh.